Clogged gutters can mean serious trouble

You may have seen a gutter guard demonstration at a local home show or at a shopping mall, or maybe even in your home. They look great… the water rolls around the edge of the gutter cover and into the gutter, keeping out leaves and other debris.

But do they really work in the real world?

● Angie’s List Guide to Gutter Repair and Replacement

Gutter cleaning, as you well know, isn’t confined to the fall. Many trees shed debris throughout the seasons.

Clogged gutters can do serious damage to a home over time. Usually  fascia, eaves and foundation areas suffer first. Paint peels and insects invade. In some cases, rainwater can enter an exterior wall through eaves.

Prolonged exposure to a clogged gutter system also will render rafter end and roof sheathing vulnerable to rot. Repairs can be expensive.

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It is not uncommon for some homes to need the gutters cleaned four times a year.